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Eurogrand casino

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Currently there is a casino that delivers what it promises. This is EuroGrand. It promised big things when it first came out just over two years ago. And, so far it has delivered more. In the short period since it was first launched it has grown to be one of the top online gambling sites. The review below goes into detail about this.

From the first to the thousandth visit it is not difficult to be impressed with EuroGrand. The home page of the casino suggests that it is the good life and it stipulates that the casino has made the greatest effort to build and maintain its reputation as one of the top online gambling websites.

Casino EuroGrand

Casino Eurogrand

Security & Software
Players who want to be certain of the quality of a casino should know Playtech. Another good example of this casino software's good reputation is EuroGrand. It is famous for the simple navigation, the good speed, the beautiful graphics and the important protection of the players' security and privacy. Playtech is what makes Eurogrand functional and beautiful.

EuroGrand has an unstoppable pursuit for the best in terms of the online gamblers. This is what makes it different from other similar sites. EuroGrand is an online casino which all players can enjoy. It isn't a casino in which all of the players are drawn. Players who do not appreciate flashy graphics and poor audio should play at EuroGrand.

Bonuses at EuroGrand
The typical deposit at this casino is 25% bonus match on the first deposit. This goes up to $250. Fortunately for the players, Gambling City has gotten a special bonus with EuroGrand. Those players who go to EuroGrand from Gambling City will receive a 300% bonus of as much as $250 with the first deposit. For people who cannot understand these figures; it basically means that you deposit less, but receive more when signing up. Also, EuroGrand provides 60% of the second deposit bonus for amounts of up to $500. Also with a third and final deposit bonus of 300% for amounts of up to $300. Therefore, the welcome bonus totals around $1,050.

Customer Support
An added advantage of playing at this particular casino is that it has excellent customer service. The team works hard in order to provide good service all day, every day through fax, email, snail mail, live chat and phone.

You can actually write them a letter on real paper, and with real ink, and the support team will actually get back to you to resolve whatever issues you are having. This is definitely good customer service, which makes sense given the name of 'EuroGrand'.

But, fortunately because of the easily navigatable layout, the full help page and the fact that it can be accessed in 19 different languages means that not many players will find themselves having to get in touch with customer support.

Withdrawals & Deposits
This casino includes a long list of the different methods for deposit and also the fast and safe withdrawal options that are available online. The payouts are done on time, and will appear in the player's account, whether debit, credit or ewallet, within 2 days.

Casino Games
The only major criticism of this casino is that there are not that many EuroGrand games. There are only 60 that are offered. This is little compared to other casinos that offer 100 or even 200 games. But, this is perhaps the purpose because the games that they do provide are the best and look the best.

There is great emphasis placed on their traditional table games. These reflect the general EuroGrand theme of elegance. There are no longer any of those silly arcade games; instead there are the elegant and fun slots which provide some very good jackpots.

Now you have a better understanding of whether GrandEuro meets your needs after reading this review. However, if you enjoy Playtech casino software, and there are few who do not, but want something more recent and more special then you should try EuroGrand. It is a one of a kind online casino.

EuroGrand Bonuses
Fans of Gambling City at EuroGrand are able to play more when they claim their specially offered EuroGrand Online Casino Bonuses:

-A first deposit match of 300% for amounts of up to 300$.
-The second deposit bonus of up to 60% for amounts of up to $500.
-The third & final deposit which is a bonus of 300% for amounts of up to $300 for free
-A high roller bonus of $250 on deposits of up to $1000.

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