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Players at casinos will receive the option of being able to select one out of a selection of bonuses. On the surface this may look simple, but it is not. There are a couple of things that have to be taken into account, like the characteristics of the bonuses, the detail in the terms and conditions, and the individual players’ goals and plans. These things work together differently in every situation so it is not possible to offer straightforward guidelines in terms of making these choices. This article tries to go over the things that are involved so that players are able to understand how they should consider these different factors.

One of the most important things is the option between the deposit and the free spins welcome bonuses. In the free spins one the player is provided with a particular amount of credits to bet in a certain period of time. The player can then keep the winnings according to the terms and conditions. The biggest advantage of this selection is that there is no deposit that has to be made at the onset. But, players will have to pay a small deposit when they take out their winnings from the bonus. This amount must be taken into account when doing the calculations. Also, the regulations regarding the free spins bonus stipulates that there is a limit on the winnings that can be received. This kind of limit can also be dictated on the deposit for the welcome bonus, so the player has to compare them. The deposit bonuses need bigger deposits but the bonuses that are provided normally include the full value of the deposit. So players who are experienced in gambling online and would otherwise be depositing the needed amounts may like the deposit welcome bonuses better.

There are instances where the player has to choose between two bonuses for the different categories of games. The specialty games and the slots, such as scratch cards and keno, are put into one category and then the video poker and table games are in another category. If the player does not like a certain gaming category then he or she will never play it. But, if he is indifferent towards certain categories then he has to consider the rules. Normally the slots bonuses are bigger and require lower wagers. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better. Scratch cards, slots and keno have bigger house edges and the players are not as likely to win these particular games. Players should note that they can only win the winnings from the bonuses, and not the bonuses themselves. The taste of the player is also important. If the player does not like taking risks and go through all the wagering rules for small wins than it is better to select the table games bonuses. Players who enjoy taking risks can play the slots bonuses.

One particular selection that people may find interesting is between the cash back on losses and the deposit bonus. With this the precise numbers are more important, like with the estimates for the expected losses and wagering.

When selecting either of the bonuses the player is not able to avoid reading and understanding all of the fine print. If the player ignores this then he will likely end up selecting the wrong options.

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